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Show Your Customers You Care: 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

When thinking of the world’s most popular brands, which ones come to mind? In Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and (META) Facebook are identified as some of the top-performing companies, with earnings being a key indicator of their success.

But while revenue may be a significant proof point of industry viability, how you approach your customer experience is another metric that gauges the future prosperity of a business. And one that has an equally significant say in how your business fares in the future.  

In Aircall’s report, Putting Your Customer First, we found that more than 50% of customers stopped supporting a business after a poor customer experience. This shows just how impactful a negative customer experience can be, undoing potentially years of customer loyalty in a single interaction. 

On the flip side, though, a positive customer experience can make a profound impression on people and go a long way to securing brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Either way, customer experience and going all out to impress your audience is one area you cannot afford to neglect. 

To make sure your strategy is as impactful as possible, this Process Street post will cover these five tried-and-tested ways to improve your customer experience below: 

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Internal Mobility Program for Employee Retention

9 out of 10 employees would rather do more meaningful work for less pay. That means that retaining employees goes far beyond offering them a competitive salary. 

In a survey conducted by Gallup, lack of career advancement was one of the top reasons employees left their previous position. Optimizing your internal mobility program can curb such risk of employee churn, but there are so many other benefits that come with prioritizing talent mobility. 

From cost-saving to fostering a diverse workforce, it’s no surprise that career mobility should be your priority. So, how do you optimize your internal mobility program and what can you get from such optimization? That’s what I’m taking you through in this Process Street article.

Let’s go! 

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How To Ensure Success with Enterprise Performance Management

With the market size of enterprise performance management expected to grow from $6.44 billion in 2017 to $11.72 billion by 2023, you know that to ignore it is to ignore something monumental.

Enterprise performance management lets you plan, structure, track, and improve your performance across the board. This isn’t something you want to ignore. 

You might want to know what’s going well and where the biggest improvements can be made. Otherwise, you may want to create achievable goals that don’t leave you overreaching or improve your tracking metrics with apps like Process Street. Either way, enterprise performance management is essential. 

That’s why, in this Process Street post, I’ll be breaking down precisely what it is, why it’s useful, and how to use it:

Let’s dive right in!

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Increase Trust in Your Processes: Introducing Custom Branding

Process Street streamlines your team’s recurring work by taking the guesswork out of who does what and when, but the impact of even well-documented processes depends on people’s willingness to do their part.

As your circle of workflow participants expands to include partners, customers, or colleagues outside of your immediate team, one of the best ways to increase their familiarity with and trust in the work at hand is to incorporate consistent and engaging visual cues.

Today I’m happy to announce new ways to further customize the look and feel of Process Street workflows and communications with your own branding.

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Announcing Process Street’s Brand New Employee Onboarding Podcast!

We’re super excited to announce our brand new employee onboarding podcast, focused on sharing insights & uncovering the trade secrets of employee onboarding!

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google,, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Deezer, & all your favorite podcast platforms!

Our very own Josh Ashton talks to employee onboarding experts about common problems they face, the tech they use, the future of employee onboarding as a whole, and more.

In this Process Street post, I’ll present our first three episodes with the key takeaways, and of course a link for you to listen.

Check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe for more episodes!

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8 Free Templates to Improve Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity is more than a buzzword. It’s also more than a passing phenomenon.

Whether it’s findings from MIT proving that having an equal gender balance increases revenue, or McKinsey’s discovery that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity have a 35% increase in financial returns above the national average, diversity positively affects both a company’s culture and bottom-line.

At Process Street, we recognize the importance of diversity, but we also understand that improving diversity in the workplace isn’t an easy task for HR teams.

Let’s get started!

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Employee Engagement & Motivation Policy: Why You Need One For Retention – Yesterday

Employee Engagement & Motivation Policy: Why You Need One For Retention - Yesterday

Without a well-structured policy, lack of engagement and motivation can slowly eat away and undermine your company and your workforce unnoticed until it’s too late. 

So, let’s talk about why engagement and motivation are so important and how to implement good policies without utterly alienating your workforce. Here at Process Street, that’s just the sort of thing we do best. 

Check it out:

Let’s dive in!

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3 Ways Onboarding Documentation Can Help Your New Hire (+ Free Template to Get You Started)

Detailing the exact steps needed in a recurring process – AKA process documentation – seems time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. After all, it’s something that’s repeated frequently enough that people should know how it’s done, right? WRONG! 

Considering you could be losing anywhere between 20 to 30% of your annual revenue because of inefficiencies, you want your processes to be as lean as possible. Having detailed documentation of a process helps you work more efficiently. 

A good onboarding process ensures you can support your new hire through their transition into the company’s culture. That’s how you’re going to build a loyal and productive workforce. 

So, in this Process Street article, let’s dive into the 3 ways onboarding documentation can help your new hire. Don’t worry – I’m not just dangling the benefits of onboarding documentation in your face. I’m also walking you through some best practices to reap the benefits. 

Here’s what we’re looking at: 

Pen and paper at the ready – let’s start documenting! 

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SOC 2 Compliance and Our Continued Commitment to Data Security

Process Street SOC 2 compliance

Learn more on our security, terms, privacy and GDPR readiness guidelines.

We achieved SOC 2, Type 2 compliance at Process Street, and I want to give you a quick rundown of what that security milestone means for us and our customers.

As we help thousands of organizations implement business-critical processes, an incredible amount of data is constantly moving through or being stored on our platform. You’ve entrusted us to securely handle your user and workflow information at all times, and we take that responsibility seriously every day. 

Part of our commitment to security manifests in the admin and user controls we make directly available to you — for example, role-based access, single sign-on, and identity management integrations.

But a lot of the work to keep your data safe happens behind the scenes, and that’s where SOC 2 comes in.

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Content Production Process: How Murray Dare Halved Their Delivery Time

If you’ve been looking at ways to make your content delivery processes more efficient, you’re not alone.

There are tons of articles on content creation, even more on creative processes, but hardly any articles focused on improving content processes.

This article is all about addressing that imbalance, and getting your content systems coordinated to improve your team’s content efficiency, quality, and delivery. 

By the end, we want to share the exact process we used to:

  • Drop our delivery time for content upload by 50%
  • Increase our team productivity by 35%
  • Improve client satisfaction by 20%
  • Enlarge work capacity by 15%

It’s one thing to tinker around the edges, making small improvements here and there. It’s another to re-think and radically change the way you deliver your content. Developing your small business mindset and continuously evaluating your processes are the key to improving your overall content marketing efforts this year.

This article will walk you through every step we took to do that using Process Street’s automated workflows.

⚙️ If you just came for the template, go ahead and nab it here.

Click here to add this workflow to your free Process Street account!

Let’s get to it!

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